The Power of Adornment


Many thanks to guest blogger Malika Booker, who was recently involved in beautiful conversations about adornment with Ms P, Ms E and me at Meet Me At The Albany.


That wearing of items with flair. That decorating of our body, our skin. That way we decide what we will wear each day to brighten up ourselves or our day. Then there are the objects. That ring we bought for ourselves to celebrate an occasion. There is the bracelet or the scarf that holds memories of lost family; a mother, a grandmother, a father, a friend and sometimes we wear it to honour them, to hold them close to us.

We decorate ourselves like our bodies are museums and our adornment choice is a selected exhibit. The items/ clothing/ jewellery/ object we use might have an aesthetic effect on others’ eyes, drawing audiences’  eyes like magnet, yet they have personal relevance and stories. Or there might be a story behind the choice we make on a day to day basis about our nail vanish, the putting of different garments together.

This blog post is a tribute to these decisions, whether made for emotional reasons  or beauty. This is a celebration of the everyday choices of the Meet Me family. It is a magnification on our ordinary. It shouts –  How beautiful are our choices and our decisions and what a variety of stories we wear and oh don’t we wear them so well.

Words by Malika Booker, December 2014

Photo by Zoë Gilmour