Mapping the Design Process

IMG_5591Sue: We decided to make things to sell. There was no definite plan in place, except we agreed that ‘nothing is wrong’.  We can adapt and change things until they work.

If something doesn’t sell then we’ll alter it, for example to a plain scarf we’ll add tassels, knitted flowers or leaves, or buttons.

IMG_5401    IMG_5566

We respond to materials, evolving as we go along.  So a small scarf might become a purse, and decorated toilet roll covers have been bought to be used as baby hats!  I’m so happy that Malika bought this hat (see main photo), because it was the very first one I knitted.

Sue was in conversation with Zoë Gilmour at Meet Me at The Albany 

Photography Zoë Gilmour and Weiyee Cheung


I’m a Church Woman and there’s a dress code

IMG_6265 copy

Style is doing something different, something special. I love bags – I’m the bag lady! I don’t follow fashion so much, I dress for warmth and comfort: not too tight, not too long. I’m a Church Woman and there’s a dress code: modest, not too much cleavage, no sleeveless, no mini skirt, no slits in skirts. I like orange and red…colour is important. Most of my dresses have a little red in them. The colour red makes me feel good.  And flowers – dresses with flowers on them. My features come from my grandmother on my father’s side. She lived in Jamaica – she was possibly from Cuba. I have a picture of her and I think I look a little like her. Interview by Chantelle Hewitt. Sketch by Sarah Bhandari (Volunteers at Meet Me At The Albany)

Blue #2

IMG_3860I Have a Bonnet Trimmed With Blue
I have a bonnet trimmed with blue.
Do you wear it? Yes, I do.
I will wear it when I can,
Going to the ball with my young man.

My young man has gone to sea,
But when he comes back he’ll play for me.
Tip to the heel and tip to the toe
And that’s the way the Polka goes.

I have a bonnet trimmed with blue.
Do you wear it? Yes, I do.
I will wear it when I can,
Going to the ball with my young man.

(Click here for Youtube – a version of this song, sung by Kathleen Ferrier)

Blue #1

Blue Powell
Ode to Prince Royal
It’s a Prince Royal Blue
A royal waltz blue
It’s a hold me tight and kiss me right
let us rock the music together blue
It’s an end blue
A never ending blue
A salty sea blue
with some sea water blue
It’s a galloping across the track blue
It’s like the blue mountain hills of Jamaica blue
That’s what makes the horse Royal Blue.
                           by Mr Powell, Malika and Daniel

Malika Booker: Prince Royal is the Horse that Mr Powell has moulded and sculpted from crafting clay. He then painted it blue and christened it ‘Prince Royal’. I sat next to Mr Powell just after he finished painting his horse and had a little chat. When suddenly we began to riff a little poem line by line. Daniel Mr Powell and I all added a line each.  

My glasses – that’s style

Patrick O          Patrick

My name’s Patrick. I like going out. I like walking. I like enjoying myself. I’m always happy and I’m always working – I wash all the dishes up, keep the place clean.

Style is a dress or a suit. My glasses, that’s style. I got them from the opticians. Cost me a hundred pound. I chose them myself – it didn’t take me long – about half an hour.

Style is important because it means I look nice for everybody.

A friend of mine called Carol who takes me out on a Saturday has great style. She’s got fair hair and wears a brown coat – she always looks nice.

I go to church on a Sunday and I always wear a black coat and trousers.

I like greens and blues – they put me in a good mood.

When I go to the seaside in the summer I’ve got some nice t shirts – green and red – and a blue shirt with stripes. It feels good to wear something bright.

Fred's picture of Patrick Portrait of Patrick, by Fred

Patrick was in conversation with Zoë Gilmour at Meet Me At The Albany